Friday, July 16, 2010

Independence Day, Independent Girl

Here's a few pictures from 4th of July weekend. I've been holding onto them, mulling over a more in-depth post about patriotism. Do I consider myself patriotic? Why do I shy away from flag bumper stickers and telling people that I'm proud to be an American? Am I proud to be an American? And if I'm glad to live in the United States, why do overly patriotic people freak me out?

There was an excellent, thoughtful blog post in there somewhere. I'm sure of it. BUT, it's been two weeks and I haven't even started it. So you're spared my patriotic musings, and can just enjoy Eleanor. These are from the small neighborhood parade on Saturday morning; we were in Northern Kentucky, visiting Keith's family. So Eleanor participated in the same parade that Keith and his friends and siblings were in when they were kids. Eleanor shared Ben's wagon—Ben is the 1 1/2-yr-old son of Keith's best friend, Michael, and his wife, Angie. Eleanor and Ben won the prize for best wagon/scooter/other category.

Yay, adorable kids!

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