Sunday, February 13, 2011

Called Out for Name Calling

It seems to me that the idea of names vs. titles would be a difficult one for toddlers to grasp. Why am I Mommy AND Megan AND Aunt Meg AND The Queen of All She Surveys? These shifting titles, based on different relationships, could be very bewildering.

Eleanor has done a better job than we expected of understanding that we can be all of these things at the same time. We were shocked the first time she called us by name; I had always assumed that she thought my name was "Mommy." And actually, she's even quicker to pick up on these labels than we ever imagined.

A few weeks ago, Keith told me that he asked Eleanor what I called him (meaning: What's his name?). "Jerkface!" she replied. Obviously he had to be lying. I don't call him a jerkface that much. Certainly she would be much more likely to—if not answering with his name—then use an affectionate term such as "sweetheart" or "my love." Right?

This morning he asked her again, "What does Mommy call me?"

Slightly more tactfully this time, she replied, "Jerkface and Keith."

Thanks, Eleanor/Tattletale!


Helen said...

"Little pitchers have big ears" and they are sponges, too!They soak everything up and store it away for that day when they can pull it out and embarrass you!

Andrea said...

Too funny, Megan! Will LOVES to call us Bob and Andrea. It's a real fight here to get him to call up Mommy and Daddy. Really, dude? You're 4!

The other day, I told him to stop calling him Bob. Will then, very politely, says, "Awe, man! Then when can I call him 'Bob'?" I told him that maybe it would be acceptable when he became an adult. Will then says to me, "But he'll be in heaven by then!!" Umm... what was I supposed to say to that?

M. Lubbers said...

Hey Mom: I think the one I remember repeating from our childhood, overhearing you curse out other drivers, was, "May 10,000 flies infest your armpits!"

I'm sure your creative invectives are one of my inspirations in writing:)

Andrea: How funny! Did it make you feel old? I suppose being an adult does seem forever away to them, but it will pass in a blink of an eye to us!