Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Own Race to the Oscars

As our Valentine's date, we dropped Eleanor off at my parents' house on Sunday afternoon and went to see True Grit. Before the movie, there was a trailer for Water for Elephants.

It started with a dapper old man, quite elderly but with a mischievous glint in his eye. Quickly it became clear that the story would be a flashback to seminal, life-changing event that happened in his youth. I leaned over to Keith and whispered, "Oh, so it's Titanic but with a circus instead of a boat!"

A few weeks ago, when Oscar nominations came out, Keith immediately sent me an email regarding all the Best Picture nominees, and the order in which we could see them. I ignored his email until we were home that night and he asked me about it. I shrugged. I do like movies ... but we tried to do this before and it hardly ever worked out. We couldn't fit in all the Best Picture nominees back in the days when we didn't need a babysitter AND there were only 5 nominees instead of 10.

But here we are, and we've made it a lot further than I thought! We've seen:
1) Toy Story 3
2) True Grit
3) The Social Network
4) Black Swan (I actually took a pass, because I'm a wuss with scary movies. So Keith saw it without me.)
5) The King's Speech
6) 127 Hours (Again, I have to admit I'm squeamish and didn't see this one. Poor Keith!)
7) Inception

Still pending are:
8) The Fighter
9) The Kids Are Alright
10) Winter's Bone

I usually judge my favorites by how much the movies make me think. I really enjoyed The King's Speech and True Grit was pretty good too, but they didn't make me think as much as Inception or The Social Network.

The Kids Are Alright is next up in our Netflix queue, and should arrive soon. That only leaves two (that I plan to see); of course, I have no idea if these are available, in theatres, or what. But we're getting close! We'll see what happens.


Bren said...

Wow... I've only seen ONE of those movies. And (rather sadly) it was Toy Story 3! I'm itching to see Inception though. I love the work Nolan did with Batman and the snippets I've seen of it so far look FANTASTIC. Might just go right out and buy the Bluray.

M. Lubbers said...

Well, Toy Story 3 was a good movie! But I really did enjoy Inception. Amazing both visually and mentally. I hope you like it!

allibrarian said...

You can get Winter's Bone on Netflix. Mom saw it on there and she liked it. I love the Oscars!

Jonathan said...

Good luck with catching the rest of the movies! I hardly ever watch TV or get the cinema any more - but I can lay claim to Toy Story 3 and The Social Network :)

p.s. rumours of my blogging demise (spread by me) were vastly exaggerated :)

M. Lubbers said...

Mary: We're watching Winter's Bone tonight! I'm looking forward to it.

Jonathan: Glad to see that your blog is back. I always think that I'll have more time as Eleanor gets older, but your situation would seem to argue the opposite! I am really just thankful/shocked that we've seen as many movies as we have!