Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Photo Challenge: Repetition

This week's Shutterboo Photo Challenge is Repetition. Last week, Keith's first 10 ideas or so didn't work out and he ended up taking a picture down the block, late Tuesday evening. This week, he took a more laid-back approach and it seemed to work out for him!

He knew that he already had plans to go to some crazy indoor golfing range with my dad this past weekend. The guys went off to golf while the women hung out at the house, and then we all got together to eat chili and watch the commercials (and some of the Superbowl too, I guess).

Eleanor's very sensible question, upon waking from her nap and hearing that Dad and Grandpa Chuck were golfing, was, "Why are they golfing in the snow?" Indeed, Eleanor.

Keith figured, what was more repetitive than the driving range? So he threw his camera into the bag and off they went.

He got a lot of shots that were well composed, but because of the fluorescent lighting and my dad's lightning fast yet incredibly straight swing, most of them ended up fuzzy. He also took a shot looking down the row of crazy winter golfers, but it was kind of boring, even with cropping. Here's one of the final rejects, including a golf swing:

And here is the shot he ended up with:

I think he boosted the color and contrast. Even though there's not much action, it's implied by the golfer's (my dad's) stance. I also like how the focus is on the bucket of balls, reinforcing that this particular stance is going to be repeated many, many times throughout the afternoon


Jessica said...

I like that you can see the golfer in the background. It helps tell the story. Good shot.

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks! (on behalf of Keith) My dad was excited to be a model:)