Friday, February 25, 2011

"I want to look at my options."

Or: random Eleanor stories.

1) Eleanor LOVES the snow. Even now, when the rest of us are sick of it and yearning for Spring, she wants to get bundled up and go make butt prints. (She knows about snow angels, too, but doesn't like those as much as the simple butt print.)

Today, my one weekday off, we got all bundled up and played in the snow on the way to the library. Of course, that meant after about 4 houses, I carried a massive bag of books AND Eleanor the rest of the way to the library ... which was closed. It's just at the end of the street, but still. It's a long way when trudging through snow, carrying a 27-lb child and 20 pounds of books.

2) In the morning, when I try to pick out her clothes, she pushes me aside, flings open the bottom drawers and says, "I want to look at all of my options."

3) Before our failed trek to the library this morning, she was pretending to put her stuffed animal, Loopy, down for a nap. She would get him settled and tell him, "Cry if you need me!" and then run and hide behind the shower curtain. I got to play Loopy, and was supposed to start crying for her as soon as she was hidden.

I took immense pleasure in making all the same requests of Eleanor that she usually makes of me when putting off bedtime. "Loopy" would cry and Eleanor would run over to him, saying, "What's wrong?"

"I need a blanket!" I'd whine.

"I had a bad dream! Hold me!"

"You didn't sing me THREE songs!"

"I need a nose wiper!"

And she'd say, "I'm sorry, Loopy!" Then she'd run and get whatever "he" requested. What a good little Mommy! She was so solicitous with him, I have hope that my complete irritation with these bedtime requests isn't broadcasted to her, and that she just feels loved and cared for.

4) Speaking of her clothing options, she's all about dresses lately. Which is fine, except she keeps trying to pick out light Spring dresses that are totally inappropriate for the 10 feet of snow outside. I know, sweetheart. I want to wear a t-shirt, too. But that's not going to happen for another month or two.

I love that girl!


cat said...

After the horrible morning I had, this post made me smile. Good thing you've been doing boot camp; I'm sure it made the pointless trip to the library a piece of cake!

The part that makes me smile, I must say, is E wanting to look at all her options. She is a girl after my own heart. :)

M. Lubbers said...

Cat: Sorry you had a bad morning, but glad the post could help cheer you up! I'm sure the bootcamp helped, but I was still worn out by the time we made it back to the house.

Eleanor really is a girl after your own heart. She loves dress up and purses and fancy shoes:) We'll have to get together again soon so you can see for yourself!

Jonathan said...

She sounds fantastic :)

Our middle daughter insisted that she was fine wearing a strappy top the other day and no coat (it was freezing outside) so I shut her on the doorstep for a few seconds...

She wore a coat.

cat said...

Yes, I agree. We should get together soon! Maybe once it warms up enough to take a stroll down to Melt ... :)