Friday, May 26, 2006

Reluctant Acceptance

I think I need to face the facts: I'm going to remain employed. At least for a little while longer.

There weren't any lay-offs in our department yesterday. There were some across the hall, and news is trickling in like reports on the battlefield, of who the casualties were. But I'm still here, I'm assuming because I'm so cheap (no benefits!) that it's not worth it to get rid of me.

I've decided that perhaps the best way to cheer myself up is to focus on the money. Because really, that's the only benefit to working. So I plan to spend most of the afternoon shopping online, virtually spending my next several paychecks, to feel the blow of lost free time less keenly.


cat said...

Face it, you'd probably be the last to go. You don't officially work for the university, therefore, your salary likely comes from a different budget. Additionally, like you said, no benes.

I have also been shopping online, spending money I really don't have to spend, but stuff is sooooo cool to have.

Amy said...

Well, I'm stoked that the stuff I shopped for on Wednesday got delivered just before lunch today. I wasn't sure about signing up for Amazon Prime, but it turns out that I [heart] it.

Anyhow, now I have four CDs to listen to on the way down to my parents' tonight, which is awesome b/c I was sick of all the stuff that's already in my car. I could hook up my iPod, I suppose, but trying to select the right playlist while zipping down 90 (I like to think that the highway names are the speed limit) is probably asking for trouble. CDs are much easier to do without looking.