Monday, May 22, 2006

To Lie Abed

My friends, Monday morning is never a happy time. I hope to someday in my life reach the point where Monday morning dawns just as bright and full of exciting possibilities as Saturday morning.

That day is not today.

But what made it even worse is that Keith stayed home sick. He didn't feel well yesterday evening, and didn't feel any better this morning. I know that he's miserable, but I still can't help being jealous as I drag myself out of bed and to another whole week of work.

Even if he feels better tomorrow, he'll still only have a four-day week. AND a four-day week next week, with Memorial Day. I mean, that's practically getting half of May off! Why doesn't he call it quits until June?!?

I am not complaining about Keith's behavior or work habits in any way, so don't go spreading nasty rumors and getting me in trouble. I'm merely making the observation that it's exceedingly more difficult to get out of bed on Monday morning when a warm, sleepy body is still snuggled under the covers.

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