Thursday, March 01, 2007

Because Attitude Should be Rewarded

There's always at least one commercial out that drives me crazy. It changes often, because there's so many annoying commercials to choose from. Usually, it revolves around the portrayal of sexes in the media (women doing the grocery shopping and cooking, men buying diamonds for the greedy women in their lives, etc.).

This time, it's a cell phone commercial and it irks me to no end because of how it portrays the parent/child relationship. I think it starts with the dad asking his daughter if she's meeting Jenny later. She says, "Let me check!" and then stares pointedly at him while pretending to dial on her hand, and holding her hand up to her face for an imaginary conversation.

Flash to another scene of daughter sitting on the couch next to dad, having another pretend conversation with her hand/phone. Dad looks at the camera in perplexity—what's a guy to do? Then the voice over moves in, and starts talking about how cheap these family plans are for a certain cell service provider.

Yup, that's right. If your teen-aged daughter is being a whiny brat, what should you do? Give her what she wants! That'll teach her to be polite and discuss things in a rational, mature manner.

I'm picturing all of the commercials that could star this character as she makes her way through life. I see her throwing papers in the air to convince a teacher to give her a higher grade. Giving her boyfriend the silent treatment when he doesn't give her enough jewelry for Valentine's Day. And the commercial always ends with the hapless men in her life buying something to appease her. Because why spend the time and effort forming a mutually beneficial relationship when you can buy your way to happiness?

I'm ready to go shopping!

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