Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our Youtube Debut

Very exciting news: Keith just emailed me yesterday to tell me that we (and Carrie) had made our Youtube debut!

Below is a video of "Love Is Better than a Warm Trombone" from the Gomez concert at the House of Blues last Saturday. When the camera dips low, you can just make out Keith's red baseball cap and me bouncing enthusiastically next to him. Keith's hat is just in front of Ben (middle singer)'s legs. I'm to the left of him, and Carrie's to the right.

Of course, when Keith called it our debut, it made me wonder. What if it isn't my debut? What if there's some terrible footage from a 5th grade play somewhere out there? It just might be. But I'd much rather prefer to think that my first appearance on Youtube is front and center at a Gomez concert. Much cooler!

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Amy said...

Very cool! I kept wanting the camera to pan over/down to see more of you rocking out.

I was a little freaked out when the videographer turned the camera around to show him and his friends -- wasn't expecting that. I suppose somewhere there's a blog entry saying "I've made my YouTube debut! Check out this footage I took at the Gomez show. Sorry about the oddballs in the front row." ; )