Monday, March 26, 2007

Good dog!

I know that Keith and I talk a lot about some of Beckett's less admirable habits. A tendency to "destroy" his dog bed, or make food disappear off counters in a matter of moments.... but he's actually a good dog at heart, I swear!

What happened on our run this morning proves it. Only a few minutes into the run, I went to switch the leash from my right hand to my left. Just like I've done a million times before .... and I dropped it. It fell right out of my hands!

Feeling the freedom, Beckett galloped ahead. As I may have mentioned before, I'm not the fastest runner on a good day. There's NO WAY I could catch up to him if he's running full speed.

But, shockingly, he didn't run full speed. He ran ahead a bit, and looked back at me. I called his name, and he slowed down. He waited for me to catch up to him and pick up his leash, before yanking my arm off again. Good dog!

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cat said...

I think my sister will want to steal Beckett. They want a dog sooo bad. They test-drove a Rottweiler the other week, and he didn't work out; then a rescued bloodhound that they had to return. (Rescue lied about health.) She was scheduled for obedience school, but my niece would have had to go too since she decided to let the dog out of the cage and into the yard at will. Sis couldn't decide who needs obedience training more--dog or kid.