Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gomez Concert: 3.3.07

Sorry I'm slow, but I still wanted to post about this past weekend. I don't know why, I'm just never motivated to blog on Monday. Or Tuesday ....

Anyway, some friends came up from Dayton/Cincinnati to hang out and see the Gomez show at the House of Blues on Saturday. Luckily for me, Michael, and Angie, Keith and Carrie are both training for events in the Flying Pig Marathon at the beginning of May. Why is this lucky? It means that both Saturday and Sunday mornings, Keith and Carrie got up early to go on ridiculously long runs, as per their training plans, and the rest of us slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, sat around and read ... it was great!

And, of course, the Gomez concert was amazing. I was nervous that they wouldn't enjoy it, but everyone seemed to. When we arrived—after doors opened, but before the first band (Ben Kweller)—there were already quite a few people there. We were about 3 or 4 rows back, which was okay because the stage at the House of Blues was quite high so we could still see. But after being in the front row at Mr Small's, I'd been hoping for something closer.

Luckily, most of the early fans were there for Ben Kweller, so when he finished there was enough of a mass exodus that we could slide to the front row. Yay! Unfortunately for Michael and Angie, they fell victim to one last beer/bathroom run after we moved to the front, and couldn't get wedged back into their spots when they returned, so they watched the show from further back.

The band seemed to be in a really good mood. They were joking around a lot; "Ruff Stuff" is always a fun song because they tend to do strange things with the chorus. Probably the oddest and most amusing part of the concert was when they (Ben, I think?) brought out a huge-ass poster of ... Akron. They'd been there earlier in the day, and apparently had stolen this poster.

Why? I don't know. It just seems very cool and rock star. Kinda like The Beatles in their heady, early days, filming A Hard Day's Night and just being some lads from Liverpool. (Coincidentally, several members of Gomez are from Southport, just outside of Liverpool. I yelled that I loved Scousers, but my cry went unheard.)

If you're interested in seeing a {mostly correct} setlist, hearing about the fight in the audience (we were on the other side of the stage, so I can't really report), or seeing more pics of the boys, go to the Cleveland HOB thread on the Gomez forums. Overall, it was a great concert, as usual. I was pretty sad Sunday, knowing that there's no Gomez show in the immediate future.

I'd be interested in hearing Michael, Carrie, Angie, or Keith's opinions if they'd care to post. I'm not sure about Michael and Angie, but I think Carrie's hooked now! Either way, I'm glad you all could make it up for the show!

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