Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Through a typo, a slip of the left ring finger, I have found my blog Doppelganger.

And it frightens me in so, so many ways.


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Amy said...

Indeed: ultra creepy.

And you know what else is strange? You get the same page if you use "blogpsot" in the URL of my blog, too.

The typo aspect reminded me of a concept I'd heard about a while ago: people getting the domains whose URLs are almost like popular sites but are either misspelled (transposed letters, omitting the period after "www," etc.) or a different extension ( vs. There's an article about it on Slate here. I guess these people to got

What do you want to bet it's not really Jesus freaks, either, but hard-core phisher/hacker types trying to break into your computer?
Or is that conspiracy theory too far-fetched?