Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's My Time Worth?

I complain a lot about people and modern society. I hate waiting in lines. I hate dealing with the random public. I like peace and quiet.

I also rant often and at a loud volume about not having enough time. I value my time very highly, which is part of the reason why I hate waiting so much. That time was already allocated to something I'd rather be doing.

So, amid all this self-pity, I discovered yesterday that my time does have a price tag after all. And it's the cost of one Chipotle burrito.

Keith went to Chipotle on Saturday, and discovered that, as a tax-day gimmick, if you bought a burrito on Saturday or Sunday, you could come back on Monday with your receipt and get a free one. Perfect!

When we got to Chipotle, the line was all the way back to the door. And yet, not getting into line didn't even cross our minds. It was a free burrito! So we stood patiently in line. So patiently, in fact, that I couldn't even tell you how long we were there for. 15 minutes, maybe?

All I know is that we got a free burrito. And a free side of guac because the workers were too busy and forgot to charge us for it. Time well spent.


cat said...

Firstly, I wish you'd quit it wit Chipotle already. I'm hungry now. Every time I see that delicious lump of foil on your blog, I drool.

Secondly, I used to try to multitask while in lines and avoid the general public by keeping a small paperback in my purse. However, that backfired when another line-stander started conversations with "So what are you reading?" or my favorite, "So your read books, huh?" and then proceeded with so many questions or inane observations that I never actually read anything. So I gave up because the book was only taking up space.

Seriously? Free Chipotle? How'd I miss that?

Amy said...

Two notes:

Grr! ... I forgot about the Chipotle offer.

Was it like Pretzel Day on The Office?

M. Lubbers said...

Seriously. What's the deal with people thinking books are a conversation starter? You bring one because you DON'T want to talk. But that's probably a whole other blog entry.

Sorry you guys missed out. It was great! Although not as as exciting as Pretzel Day on The Office. Oh Stanley ... he doesn't say much, but what he does say is memorable. The overall mood in line was festive, but no one was getting everything, like Michael did, because in theory you still had to pay for the extras.