Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Self!

Happy Birthday to me!

Maybe, if I'm lucky, when I get home from work tonight Keith will have a cake waiting for me. Complete with two arms and a happy, happy face for me to eat. Fingers crossed!

I hope everyone enjoys my birthday, even without an animated pink cake.


Little Things said...

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Fun Birthday Fact:

According to David Sengstack, president of Summy-Birchard, "Happy Birthday to You" brings in about $2 million in royalties annually, with the proceeds split between Summy-Birchard and the Hill Foundation. (Both Hill sisters died unmarried and childless, so the Hill Foundation's share of the royalties have presumably been going to charity or to nephew Archibald Hill ever since Patty Hill passed away in 1946.)

— From Urban Legends Reference Pages

(if by "fun" you mean "incredibly nerdy")

Hope it's great!

M. Lubbers said...

I equate fun and nerdy!

Another fun birthday fact: Hans Christian Anderson and Dr. Demento were both born on April 2.

Thanks for the good birthday wishes!

cat said...

If Keith is crafty, he will indeed make note to head out to the bakery right now and get a round smiley cake and pop Mr. Potato Head's arm into the sides.

Have a fun and happy birthday!!!

(Three exclamation points make it extra fun and extra happy.)