Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work Wardrobe

Beckett and I ran this morning before work. Unfortunately, because Cleveland is apparently unaware late April should be Spring, I had to wear my winter tights, warm top, and vest.

When I got home and went to get in the shower, I couldn't get the vest unzipped. Partway down, it stuck. It wouldn't go up or down. In the few seconds before I got it unzipped, several different scenarios went through my head.

What all were my options?
  • Go to work wearing the stinky grey running shirt and hot pink vest, complete with venting in the back (like a see-through top!)
  • Call in sick and stay home because I couldn't get the vest off.
Suddenly I pictured myself wearing the vest at all times. Taking showers in it. Wearing it over work clothes, casual clothes, evening wear. At Keith's sister's wedding. Over my bathing suit (interesting tan lines).

But then the zipper came free, and the vest came off. Anyone expecting to stand within a few feet of me should feel grateful.


revjeremy said...

I'll pay the $300 difference in your insurance if you can convince Jessica (Keith's Sister) that wearing your running vest won't ruin the pictures...and you wear it, ruining the pictures.

M. Lubbers said...

Hmmm ... tempting as that is (I do look fabulous in hot pink and reflective stripes), I think I'll have to pass. Jessi managed to keep Matt out of our wedding pictures. So since she didn't ruin ours, I should extend the same courtesy to hers.

And I will NOT say anything about her "spending a lot of money on those, so she should show them off" on the big day, either.