Friday, December 14, 2007

The Sound of a Sleeping Household

My Mom is an animal lover. My Dad tolerates them. Currently, my parents have two cats and one dog in their house.

When I came to help my Mom recuperate, I brought my cat with me. Keith came to join us midweek, and brought the dog. So currently, there's four people, three cats, and two dogs living here.

Sometimes its a little overwhelming, especially when you have a turkey sandwich in hand and the swarm descends.

But sometimes it's comforting, like now. It's mid-morning, and the animals are all reclined in various states of repose. My cat is in her new favorite place, curled up on the top of the cat tree. My parents' dog is snoring away on the loveseat. Mom's one cat is hidden behind the Christmas tree, and the other one is laying on her lap. Our dog is curled into a tight little ball, under the blanket between Keith and me on the couch.

Now I remember why it's always so hard to get moving when I'm here: the inactivity of the animals is a powerful force, suggesting that you sit and sip tea a little longer, maybe take a mid-morning nap. Not good for my productivity, but I think it will be a beneficial force in Mom's recovery process.

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