Monday, December 10, 2007

Tending to the Sick and Recuperating

Sorry I flaked on my blog last week. I've been distracted because my Mom had hip replacement surgery last Thursday. And although I know she's healthy and they do this surgery all the time now, I was pretty nervous for her.

But the good news is that the surgery went very well, and she's now home recuperating. Even better for you all: I've taken off work this week to help her out at home, so I *should* be able to blog every day! (I'm admitting this now to keep me honest.)

I'm not a very accomplished nursemaid, but I know she's just glad to be out of the hospital and back in her own chair, next to her Christmas tree, drinking her favorite tea and taking naps with the cats. So far I've brought her tea, a glass of water, and a blanket. I think I can handle this!


Bren said...

Yay!! Daily doses of the M!'d better not let your audience down now!!

Glad to see you do your bit for the family. I reckon family is A1 super important and the more we do to help each other out, the better!

Also, re: the Summertime/Wintertime Christmas thing... goes to show that we both have warped ideas on what each others home towns are like! You don't have snow so much and we don't have palm trees so much! In Napier we have a lot of Norfolk Pines down the Parade (Marine Parade) as can be seen here. They would look really cool with fairy lights in them!

Typical Kiwi Christmas = The Beach for me. Thus I selected this picture for my business greeting cards this year

Amy said...

Wow, hip replacement . . . JoAnn had both of hers done the other year. I think my uncle had one or both of his knees done.

Anyhow: Does this mean that you're living on the west side this week?

Also, because inquiring minds want to know, yet can't remember if this question was already asked: Did you guys finish all of your Christmas cards the other weekend?

Jonathan said...

Fingers crossed, and here's hoping that you don't end up writing rants about her requests for this and that :)

M. Lubbers said...

Bren: What great pictures! You're right—I was making assumptions about New Zealand since it doesn't get that cold. My apologies!

I'm two for two so far this week. I'll try not to let you down!:)

Amy: I am living on the West side this week. Although we leave Friday morning to go to a wedding in Dayton this weekend. Go West side!

Jonathan: Late into day 2, no rants yet. She's actually been a very patient and good-humored patient. Although as she feels better and wants to do more, that may change! Since she reads this blog, though, I'd better watch what I say;)

cat said...

Weird ... I thought I posted something earlier. Glad to hear that surgery went well, and I hope recovery goes just as smoothly!! :)

M. Lubbers said...

Cat: Thanks for the good wishes! I'll pass them along to my Mom.

Amy: I also meant to say that we did finish the cards last weekend. I've taken pictures to post here, but haven't gotten them uploaded to the computer yet. Soon!

Amy said...

Your card was in yesterday's mail . . . I agree about the dark paper -- I had similar problem a few years back!

Meanwhile . . . I suppose I need to get cracking on mine. Or maybe I'll just follow the Orthodox calendar this year, and send mine out by January 7.

M. Lubbers said...

You would think I'd learn from your mistakes .... but I didn't. The question is whether I remember for next year's cards.

Get cracking on yours! It's just nice to have them done and out of the way.