Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Tree Shopping

We went out and got our Christmas tree last night. I love having the Christmas tree and putting up the decorations. Or I should say, I love when it's all done and can be admired while sitting on the couch. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to the "getting it done" part.

We had already discussed possibly getting the tree last night. Which sounded like a great idea. Until it was last night and snow was in the air and the windchill took the temperature down into the icicle fingers/frozen snot region. Then I wasn't sure it was such a good idea.

But Keith's enthusiasm prevailed, and we braved the elements to pick out a lovely Frasier Fir. It looked a little funny last night, as the one side was still completely flattened from lying on the ground. I believe it is currently being climbed by the cat and/or peed on by the dog.

Tonight, however, hopefully Keith can motivate me to get off the couch and put up the decorations so I can start enjoying the tree and the holiday season in earnest. If it's possibly to enjoy something earnestly. Then I plan to do it.


Amy said...

If you're looking for blog fodder . . . I have this holiday questionnaire that another blogger tagged me with.

My answers are here: Obligatory Holiday-Related Post: Two in a Series.
His post that started it is here: The Twelve Posts of Christmas, Volume 1.


Bren said...

Kirst was putting up Christmas decorations last night when I left to come back down to Wellington for work. Struck me as kind of odd though. Even though we do Christmas at the height of summer here, we still hang all sorts of snowy/icy looking things everywhere to signify it's Christmas time. Go figure!

Feel kind of like impostors when you guys are actually going out in the snow to get your tree, worrying about freezing various extremities off when we're running round in shorts and singlets to avoid getting too hot!!

M. Lubbers said...

Amy: Thanks for the holiday-related ideas. I'll check it out!

Bren: Christmas is funny in a place like Ohio, where a white Christmas is always possible, but never likely. We always anticipate one, but usually it's just brown and cold.

Why is it that all Christmas decorations must be wintery? You should have light-up palm trees and the like! And definitely don't feel guilty for wearing shorts over the holidays. You're just lucky!