Thursday, April 03, 2008

Little L: Month 6

Okay, I think I'm finally done talking about MY birthday, and am ready to focus again on the upcoming birth of my child.*

Earlier this week, I went to the doctor for my usual monthly check-up. It's funny because it actually has become much more routine, strange as that seems. Even though I'm getting closer to the due date and so much is happening, I feel less nervous now about the doctor visits.

I think it's partly due to the fact that, if I've made it this far and everything looks good, my chances of continuing to have a healthy pregnancy and birth rise dramatically. In contrast, every one of the appointments in the first trimester and beginning of the second trimester was nerve-wracking because I just felt like I had no idea what I might learn—good and bad. I think it's also different now that I can definitely feel the baby kicking, hiccuping, elbowing my bladder out of its way. I get constant feedback that the baby is there and having a great time, so I'm not as reliant on the doctor for reassurance.

So it was a pretty routine visit. I said I felt good, he said everything looks good, and I'll see him again in a month. I said, "Is there anything I should be on the look-out for in the next month?"

He said, "Not really! Just enjoy it because the second trimester is usually the most comfortable time for women."

And of course, that's when I realized that, at my next appointment, it will be the beginning of my third trimester. Third. As in LAST. As in, the baby could possibly be born at any time, and the nursery isn't painted, the crib is in bits and pieces, I've barely started knitting the baby blanket ... we still have no idea what girls' names we like!

So maybe next month the visits will start becoming more of an event, again, and less routine. As each visit means the Big Event is drawing that much closer.

* I took a break here for about 5 minutes of breathing into a paper bag.


Bren said...

It's pretty unbelievable how it all happens so quickly!! Once your life becomes so focussed on bringing up kids the years just seem to fly by. Next thing you know you'll be waking up 50 years old with the kids moving out and you going "Yay now I get my life back". *gigl* But seriously... Good luck with yer 3rd trimester. And remind Keith that you're not really you at the moment... you're more like a walking sack of uncontrollable hormones.

Nope... I didn't make that sound any better did I? *gigl*

FitGeGe said...

Hi M! Do you have girls' names, and just can't decide? Or do you not even have the names yet?

M. Lubbers said...

Bren: I can't believe that I'm nearly to my third trimester! Time is really flying by already.

Gege: We have a list of about 20 girls' names that we like, but none of them is the clear winner. Maybe if we narrow them down some more, I'll post the favorites and ask for opinions;)