Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Name Game

Alright, I think I'm getting to the point where I might be asking your opinions on names, because I really have found anything that absolutely grab me. I'm not against falling in love with one slowly, once we've really gotten to know each other. I think that's more my style, anyway; I'm not a love-at-first-sight type of person.

But anyway, I'm not ready for serious advice quite yet. I just had to share, though, a name that's popped up lately that I find quite amusing. Years ago, Keith and I sometimes played this computer trivia game at my parents' house called "You Don't Know Jack." * When we played together on a team, we made up a team name from both of our names; and thus, we became Keegan.

This past weekend, I saw the name "Keegan" not once, but TWICE on two different TV shows. Once as a man's first name, and once as a woman's surname. How crazy is that?!? I thought it was just a made-up name! My sister said I should consider using it. I do like the way it sounds, but I think I'd have a hard time explaining to little Keegan that she was named after our high score in a 1998 computer trivia game. Although there's worse inspirations for a name, right?

*A game which is, apparently, still around. Who knew?


FitGeGe said...

Of course you know HAVE to put in my two cents, right? :o)

I love the name Keegan, either for a boy or a girl, first or middle name - doesn't matter.

I think Keegan (or Kegan)is a really cool name and it goes well with your last name, plus how cool is it that it's your names together? If I did that with my honey, the kid's name would be Gesey or Cana. Um. Not so cool.

Jonathan said...

Kevin Keegan was perhaps the most famous soccer/football player in the world for much of the 1970s and 1980s.

Among british children of the era, his name induced similar awe to that of Evil Kinevil.

cat said...

I actually KNOW a couple of people named Keegan (male and female), so it's not completely out of left field. ;) If you like it, go for it. The other thing about picking names in advance, is not to worry. I have a couple of friends who were in love with certain names, took one look at their baby, and decided the name was all wrong and went with something else. I spent the first few days of my life known as "Buttercup" because my mom had nothing. lol

Amy said...

Keegan sounds like an Irish name to me. And it would be a great story to tell LL.

All I have is that my mom wanted to name me Holly, but her friend Brenda talked her out of it. She told my mom, You can't do that to the kid! When she's three, they'll ask her what her name is, and they'll think she's drunk! *

Oh, and once my mom decided to go with Amy, she had to convince my dad NOT to give me the middle name Joy. (That's right, like the donuts.) So, I ended up with his mother's middle name, the always-classy Elizabeth.

And I loved You Don't Know Jack! and its many, many incarnations. I came across my old CDs last month and tried loading them on my laptop, but the graphics were horrible (being many, many generations old and not compatible with current Flash players or Java or whatever) and I gave up.

Not that any of this helps you with your baby-naming conundrum that much, but I feel as though I've been ignoring you & your blog lately. I thought about e-mailing you the other day when I heard an ad for Dollar Dog Night at the Indians-Reds game. Is Keith going?

Oh, wait: Maybe this Basic Instructions comic will help ... tell you what not to do, anyway:

How to Live with an Embarrassing Middle Name

* To people who read Megan's blog but don't know me: You kind of have to know my last name for this to make much sense, but trust me that Brenda's argument is completely valid.

M. Lubbers said...

I have to say, I was not expecting this upswell of support for Keegan! And now that I know about Kevin Keegan, Anglophile that I am, the "made up" name has definitely risen in my esteem!

I will officially add Keegan to the list for consideration, then. Keith may cross it off two seconds later, but your grassroots support has at least gotten it attention;)

Gege: Cana? How biblical! What about Cage?;)

Cat: You know I'm calling you Buttercup the next time we get together, right?

Amy: Yes, Holly would have been a very bad idea with your last name. Amy works much better.

Andrea said...

Picking the perfect name is the pretty much an impossible task. We wanted a name that wasn't common, but wasn't too off-the-wall. We were pretty much set on the boy's name Cooper, but then it started popping up everywhere - even in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, so that was the end of that "fun" name. Of course we went with the name William which happens to be in the top 10 boys name. oh, well. We had fun with the middle name so that sort of off-sets the common first name, I guess. The funny thing is that we used my mom's maiden name for his middle name, Schroeder. (Most people think of the piano player from the Peanuts cartoon strip - not what we intended.) Appearantly the pregnancy messed with my mind so much that I never realized I was naming my child "William Schroder" which happens to be my uncle Bill's full name. LOL! So everyone thinks we named our child after my uncle when really we just liked the first name and I wanted to honor my family by using my mom's maiden name.

It's hard to find a nice name that fits a baby and also a future professional occupation. And girls names are even harder!! We were glad we knew we were having a boy since we were totally lacking in the girl name department. She probably would have been named Samantha or Sophia. My friend just named his baby girl Evelyn - I think that's a gorgeous girl name.

So, that's my 2 cents worth on names! :-)

M. Lubbers said...

Andrea: How funny that you named Will after your uncle without even realizing it!

It's also funny that you mentioned Evelyn and Sophia for girls' names. I think they're both beautiful—but they're also the names of Keith's cousin's two daughters, one of which was just born in February. So I think they're off our list!