Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks to the cereal, it's a boy!

Even though Keith and I don't want to find out the sex of the baby for sure, that doesn't stop us from constantly guessing what it might be.

We both suspect that it will be a boy, not for any specific reason. Strangely enough, we were surprised last week when we tried several of the old wives' tale methods of telling the sex (wedding ring on a string, etc.) and they indicated "girl" more often than "boy." Maybe we really do need to pick a girl's name.

However, my faith in our hunch was restored by an article my friend Amy sent to me today. According to a British study, a diet high in calories, and particularly one that includes cereal for breakfast, leads to a greater likelihood of having a baby boy. When I got pregnant, I was training for the half-marathon. So I was eating a LOT of calories. And I always eat cereal for breakfast. Always.

So maybe we'll paint the nursery blue after all. This seems like a pretty definitive study to me!

Also, because I haven't posted any yet, here's some belly pics. I can't believe how much bigger it's gotten in the past month. I can only imagine what the next picture will look like!


Amy said...

I just heard a "news" report* that UK researchers also suggested that women who want a boy should eat bananas and fish ... not necessarily together, though.

They're probably talking about the same study I e-mailed you yesterday, I think, because the next part was about always eating breakfast.

* I'm using quotes because it was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, and they're usually all about the gossip and not so much with the hard news.

Elaine said...

Hi Meg,

Heard that same report here on the news yesterday. I was also eating a high calorie and cereal breakfast diet when I fell pregnant as I was generally just trying to get healthy and I had started new exercise classes - you know the end result was a girl!

On the news front - Michael and Kirsty are going to have a BABY! Due October 22!

Elaine x

M. Lubbers said...

Well, if Ryan Seacrest said so, then it MUST be true!

Elaine: Don't rain on my parade! Of course we'd be ecstatic about a girl or a boy ... but I want to be right with my hunch:) Congrats to Michael and Kirsty—I hope your parents are ready to be grandparents 3 times over in one year!