Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today I am 32 years old. Amazing how young that seems, now that I've arrived there. Because whatever age we are, "old" is at least 10 years past that, right?

No big plans for my birthday. I'm working most of the day. This evening, Keith promised to make me homemade pizza because I've been craving it all week. He also made me promise to not grade essays, work on lesson plans, etc. this evening. I hope I can stick to that promise without too much trouble.

This (pizza, movie, relaxing at home) has been my birthday celebration for the past few years. I'm okay with not making a big deal out of my birthday. But I do find myself wondering, as I get older, will I want to celebrate it more? Like, maybe I won't be very happy about getting a year older, so I'll need a big party to psych myself up and be okay with getting into my mid-30s, early 40s, and on upward?

For 32, however, I think homemade pizza and a movie suit me just fine. Not to mention the weather here is gorgeous and good-mood-inspiring. May everyone have a good Friday, and enjoy my birthday! :)


emily said...

Pizza and a movie is my birthday celebration of choice! I hope you have a quick day at work and a slow evening with Keith and Eleanor.

Bren said...

It was/is (geographically dependent!) my niece's 2nd birthday on the 2nd too... We had a bit of a different celebration to yours though! Lots of sugar and food colouring for the kids and beer/vodka for the big kids!

I think once you get to 30 it does become only the big stuff that you celebrate. Kirsty and I had 4 parties in one weekend for our 30th birthdays. They're a coupla months apart so we picked a date between the two and spent the entire weekend partying... of course having hit 30, the fourth party (which was a nice civilised family lunch) was VERY low key because we'd worn ourselves out COMPLETELY! So that was enough to tie us over til 40 ;)

Jonathan said...

Happy Birthday! :)

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a nice, relaxing day.

I see what you're saying, Bren, about only celebrating the big ones at a certain point. Maybe once I turn 35 or 40 I'll be very motivated to really "Do Something," ... but I imagine it more as a fun trip or adventure. I don't want to plan a party or clean up afterwards! ;)