Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Not-Quite Pajamas

Old Sweatshirts by Nate KaySince I started teaching part-time, my morning routine has been adapting to being up several hours before going to work. I can't stay in my pajamas to run errands or take a walk. But I'm also not going to get dressed for work and go play in Eleanor's clubhouse.

I've ended up with a very predictable outfit. I think of it as not quite pajamas, but pretty close. I pull on an old, baggy pair of jeans with the knees worn out. (Playing on the floor with Eleanor has meant the first time I've legitimately worn out my knees in a long time!) Then I put on a t-shirt and a hand-me-down gray, hooded sweatshirt. The outfit is completed with ratty old tennis shoes.

I wear this pretty much every workday. I mean, I only wear it for an hour or two, three days a week, so that still adds up to less than a full day's wear, right? The only problem is if I run into the same people on our walks or errands, and they start to notice. I don't think anyone has, though. Probably we pay much less attention to other's apparel than we do to our own.


Jonathan said...

I tend to think we only notice somebody wearing the same thing if it's striking in some way.

I noticed it on a consultant I was working with that had a very bold pattern on his shirt - which he wore again the next time I met him...

M. Lubbers said...

Right, so: Avoid bold patterns and hopefully I'll fly under the radar!