Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Been Cold and Lonely in Cyberspace

Fellow Bloggers,

Please keep in mind that, if you have installed specific site tracking code on your blog, when you change the design template you also need to remember to manually add that side tracking code back in.

Since my big blog update on March 23, I haven't had any traffic tracking capabilities since I inadvertently wiped out the javascript I had installed for both Site Meter and Google Analytics. (Why both, you ask? Because I haven't yet made up my mind which I prefer. And this blip isn't helping.)

It's been a sad, sad thing to see that no one has visited my site for two weeks. Even though I know that's not true; there's been plenty of comments to show me otherwise. But for the record, this past fortnight will forever be considered the worst since I first set cursor to blank blog entry page.

It irks me. Like many bloggers (I'd assume, anyway), I use the stats to reassure myself that people are reading my blog, and to spur myself to post more, post better, just go ahead and post already instead of dithering about it. It's interesting to see what search terms land people on my blog (broken finger, anyone?), and if any of those random visits ever last longer than a few seconds. Every time I see a new Follower in the list, it warms my heart and inspires me.

I realized about a week ago that I needed to re-install my site tracking code, but just got around to it tonight. So for a week, I've been thinking about all of those lost stats. All those visits, random search strings, enthralled readers from around the world that I will never know about...

So yes, if you decide to update your theme, bring your tracking code with you. I understand that I may not have missed out on quite as much traffic as I'd like to believe, but I'd rather know the numbers than wonder!


Jonathan said...

Weird. In a fit of nosiness, I installed SiteMeter and StatCounter on my blog yesterday. Don't quite know why, because I don't get enough traffic to really worry about.

Still loving your new theme :)

M. Lubbers said...

Glad to hear you still like the theme. It's growing on me:) I like how much lighter it is.

I'm surprised that you didn't have SiteMeter and StatCounter before. I'm sure you get more traffic than I do; it's not necessarily about the quantity. Mostly about the nosiness!