Friday, April 09, 2010

Music: Ben Sollee

In keeping with the idea of being more of a music evangelist, here's a song from Ben Sollee. Keith recently introduced me to his music as a surprise. Keith's mom was visiting and, on a random Thursday night, he whisked me out of the house to a concert I knew nothing about. The opening band, Family of the Year, blew me away. But it only got better with the headliner, Dear Companion. Dear Companion is made up of two solo artists, Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore. They're both from Kentucky, and teamed up to raise money to stop mountain top mining.

Unfortunately, being me, I only made it halfway through Dear Companion's set before I asked Keith to take me home. I didn't want to embarrass myself by falling off the bar stool, half asleep. I know! I'm so old.

Since the show, however, we've been listening to both Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore's solo stuff, as well as Dear Companion tunes. I really enjoy all of it, particularly Ben Sollee's, and am looking forward to the next time they come through town. Hopefully I'll be well rested and ready to enjoy the entire set.

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