Saturday, April 03, 2010

Not Wrinkle Free

Related to yesterday's birthday post, I went to the drugstore earlier this week to get face moisturizer.

I'm a naturally pale person. I'm so pale that, after getting the best tan of my life on our honeymoon in Mexico, a few months later the dermatologist told me, "Wow! Your skin looks great for being in the Caribbean so recently!" Which is dermatologist speak for, "You don't look tan at all!"

Eventually, I just accepted my natural state, and wear sunscreen at all times. At least on my face and neck. If I'm not going to get tan anyway, I can at least try to prevent sun damage, right?

So yeah, new face moisturizer with sunscreen. That's all I wanted. But it took me at least 10 minutes to pick out something, because EVERYTHING was anti-aging.

When I was younger, I remember there being a million skin products for teen-aged, acne-prone skin. That seemed like the majority of the skincare section. But now that's a tiny corner of the vast shelves holding anti-aging serums, wrinkle-erasing creams, and skin-plumping moisturizers. They all have long, complicated, scientific-sounding names.They list many ingredients that are supposed to make you look 20-something again, overnight!

I don't want to look like I'm 20-something. I'm fine with being 32. I know that the wrinkles are creeping in around my eyes, but I don't think laugh lines are something that need to be erased.

All I want is moisturizer with sunscreen that doesn't feel too heavy. I don't want the last 10 years chemically removed from my visage. Is that so weird?


Jonathan said...

I have the same issue with guys that die their hair, or wear hair pieces. I really don't get it.

cat said...

I've been using anti-aging since my mid-twenties, on purpose. Then again, I'm not careful in the sun so I'm fighting an uphill battle. :)

Sephora makes their own brand of lightly-tinted SPF 15 moisturizer that I love and it feels really light on the skin. Bonus: No need for foundation!

M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: Ah, but from the pictures I've seen, you have very good hair. Perhaps if your hair were thinning, or my skin had more wrinkles, we'd be more understanding!

Cat: So you're damaging your skin and repairing it all at once? Thinking of your glowing tan, I can believe it:) Thanks for the Sephora tip--I'll check it out!