Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friends I Like the Most

I can’t imagine why Todd would want me to post on this topic. Perhaps—is it possible?—he’s desperately seeking out praise and glory. But surely that’s not the case.

For anyone out there that’s interested in becoming a friend of mine, you’ll be pleased to know that:
  • I like gifts. Books, chocolate, CDs, and wine are all acceptable.
  • It’s never a bad idea to tell me how good I look that day.
  • Likewise, if I suggest an activity, you may always agree that it’s a most excellent suggestion.
  • I don’t believe “sycophant” is a dirty word.
  • Coming up with blog ideas so I don’t have to never hurts, either. Speaking of which ….

Did I mention what a great friend Todd is? He’s the best!

*And I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting Todd's guest blog entry. Coming soon!


M. Lubbers said...

Oh, and regarding that picture: a few years ago some of us took a memorable trip to Chicago to visit "Todd" and others. We stopped by a second-hand shop, which included a basement away from the watchful gaze of the store's proprietor's.

The rest is preserved for history by my photographic genius.

cat said...

You seem to have a thing for men with Superman fetishes, don't you?

Huckle Cat said...

Back off, ladies! That sexy stud is spoken for!