Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Resolutions Update

I thought that this year I'd try something a little different. If I update everyone on the progress (or obvious lack thereof) for my New Year's Resolutions, maybe I'll be a little more motivated to actually accomplish them. You may have no interest in how I do, but if you enjoy a heart-warming session of publicly shaming and berating oneself, read on dear friend!

2007 Resolutions
1. The Year of Nonfiction Writing
So far, not too much progress. I did find a few potential markets ... but I have yet to query or actually submit anything. Let's call it one small step forward—at least not moving back!

2. Start a business with Keith
If random snippets of conversation count as "action," check this item off! We've thought of a name and discussed what would need to be on our website, at a minimum.

3. Read 50 books (8 classics, 6 biographies)
This is one of the only resolutions I'm feeling pretty good about. I think I read 5 books in January—one biography and one classic. So far so good!

4. Run sub-30 min 5k
I'll report back when temperatures are above freezing and we're not buried in many feet of snow.

5. Lift 6 times/month, keeping track on Fitday
Just barely squeaked in my six work-outs for January, and I know the only reason I did it was because it was a resolution. See, it's working already!

6. Visit 12 new places in Cleveland area
As I suspected, I think these will be mostly restaurants. As previously blogged we went to Sushi Rock in January. Up this month: The Mad Greek in Fairmount Square.

7. Actually stick to a budget for 4 months
Not even close. 0 for 1.

8. Volunteer/give money to charity
We've made a plan of who we'd give money to if we had it. Now for the "having" part ...

9. Visit Sara and Jason in Toledo
This isn't going to happen until the weather's nicer. But it will happen, as long as Sara and Jason will have us!

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