Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Landscape Architect

We have many, many ideas of what we want to do as far as landscaping. And this time of year my mind always starts thinking up elaborate plans for front and back flower beds, a vegetable garden, fragrant herbs around the deck .... so many possibilities!

Unfortunately, our landscaping budget doesn't match our aspirations. Nor does our free time, actually. This means that, since Eleanor's birth, Beckett has been in charge of the backyard landscaping.

His vision involves lots of mud and dirt. No plants, and very little grass. The picture of him is from about a month after we moved in, when there was still grass. I'll have to take a picture now and you can see the changes. There's a big bald patch right next to the back porch, where he launches himself off, in hot pursuit of squirrels and rabbits. Then there's the dirt patrol path that winds around the perimeter fence, as well as curves next to the garden you see in the picture, on the side of the garage.

I'm just happy that we are finally cleaning up the mess the roofing and window contractors made last summer and fall. I've cleaned up bits of old roof, insulation, a 2-foot section of gutter, and a plethora of nails, all from the plants and garden beds around the house. I'm getting the sense that, this summer, the goal will be just to get the yard to "blank slate" status. Then, maybe next year, we can think about adding in some actual landscaping.


unquestionable said...

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Bren said...

Yeah I had plans like that for the summer just gone. I replaced a section of lawn with a weed bed. Best you don't ask!!