Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Packing Jars of Baby Food for College

This face pretty accurately describes Eleanor's feelings about solid foods. Not a fan.

I had read in a pamphlet from our pediatrician that, by 9 months, some babies will be eating all finger foods, some will be eating all baby food, but most will be eating a mix. Eleanor will turn 9 months in a week, and at this point she's squarely in the baby food camp.

We've tried mashing banana, making homemade sweet potatoes and green beans, giving her commercial first foods by Gerber and Cheerios, even offering "adult" food like spaghetti and macaroni noodles and mashed potatoes .... all for naught. It's That Face every time.

Should I be trying harder? Or should I just continue trying every once in awhile, and trust that she'll get around to it at some point? I'm surprised because she was so willing to try baby food, I thought it would be a smooth transition to solids. That Face says otherwise, however!


Bren said...

I wouldnt be stressing about any of it. Babies all develop at different times. If you try to hard you're just going to turn her off entirely. If she's still eating baby foods only at 17, you've got a serious problem on your hands ;)

M. Lubbers said...

I guess that, overall, baby food is very nutritious compared to other choices, right? ;) Better than the pizza and Coke I had for dinner tonight! (But not nearly as tasty, I'm sure.)