Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Way Jogging Also Tones My Arms

This afternoon, I took Eleanor out in the jogging stroller for the second time ever. My plan was, starting at the end of March, to run with her while I'm home during the day on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I'm all done by the time Keith gets home from work. The weather hasn't cooperated.

I think it will be convenient, once I can actually start relying on the temperature to be above 50 with no more snow or torrential rains. I mean, rain is always possible, but maybe a little less likely starting in May. Of course, the problem is that my 10k is May 2, so I'm running out of time.

But no use crying over missed runs. I did it today, and it went well. Man, pushing that jogging stroller is quite a workout! My legs felt tired by the end of the street. I decided to turn it into a quasi-intervals workout, because I knew I would end up walking at points anyway. I did 3 miles in all, and spent the middle part of it trying to push myself for a minute or so, and then taking a walk break.

Until today, my goal has just been to plod along and get my miles in. Today it felt good to remember, at least a little bit, what it was like to go a bit faster than tortoise pace.

I feel good about the 10k. I did a 5-mile run last Saturday, and my plan is to go 6 miles this weekend. If I can do that, I'm in good shape! No promises about my time, but that was never the point. It was just getting out there and doing it.

Meanwhile, Eleanor loves it. I barely hear a peep from her. But when I occasionally stop and check in on her, I get a big smile. She's just taking it all in. And my arms should start looking more toned after a few more runs! All the side benefits ;)

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