Thursday, April 30, 2009

Telling Time Geographically

When you move around as much as Keith and I have, you remember when events happened by what particular abode/city you were in at the time.

September 11? I had just interviewed for my job in Dayton, and was staying with Keith and his parents in Northern Kentucky. But I was actually still living with my parents on the west side of Cleveland.

When did Gomez's album "In Our Gun" come out? I remember getting it shipped to my apartment in Dayton, and sitting on the living room floor, enraptured. So it must have been between Fall 2001 and Winter/Spring 2002.

When did Elaine come from Scotland to visit? It was summer, and we were living in Cincinnati at the time, since we rented a car and drove to Cleveland, to pick her up in Toronto, back to Cleveland, then to Niagara Falls, back to Toronto, and back to to Cinci via Detroit. Lots of driving—a true American vacation! So that must have been Summer 2005.

Now we've been in our house for nearly 3 years, it's getting harder to remember when things happened. It's all blending together. Except I suppose it will change from "Where did we live?" to "What was Eleanor doing?" If she was crawling but not yet walking, it must have been Winter/Spring 2009. So that would be .... telling time Babe-ily?


Bren said...

Heheh it's scary how much of your writing I can relate to!

In our case since we've been in our house about 3 years too, it's pretty easy to mark stuff pre-December 2008 by photos... is that pre or post-Connor's eyebrow scar?

M. Lubbers said...

Eyebrow scar, huh? I got one of those in elementary school! So far with Eleanor, it's how many teeth she has that helps mark time.