Monday, June 01, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Last week, about this time, I was very happy with my blogging of late. After a dismal January-March, when many may have wondered if my keyboard had imploded, I gave up trying to compose, revise, polish the Best Blog Entries Ever and went back to just blogging, dammit. Lo and behold, my post count went back up! At that point, I decided that my goal for 2009 was to average 10 posts/month, or 120 in total.

And this time last week, I was almost caught up! All I needed to do was post an entry every weekday last week, and I would be right on track .... ah well. Maybe by the end of June, then.

Last week was manic. I don't really know how it happened. First, the Gomez concert Tuesday night. Wednesday, Eleanor and I had a lovely day at the zoo with Grandma Karen, and then Eleanor went to bed late that night and Keith, Karen and I hung out for a bit. My cousins from Poughkeepsie NY were in town most of last week for the Indians/Yankees series, and Thursday night we had over my cousins, parents, sisters/brother-in-law, aunt and uncle for dinner and to watch the Cavs game. At least they won that one!

Friday afternoon I twisted my ankle. Saturday morning was spent at Urgentcare, where they said it was a sprain and sent me on my way with an aircast. Saturday afternoon was at my parents' cook-out, and Saturday evening Keith and I went with my cousins to the baseball game. Sunday morning Keith ran a fantastic 5k race, and we spent the rest of the afternoon recuperating from our crazy week. So, more on most of these events later (the interesting ones, anyway.) Fingers crossed this week is a bit more manageable!

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