Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Keith!

Congrats! Now you're old, and you can stop teasing me about being so old. Like you've been doing since I turned 31 at the beginning of April. Now you're right there with me!

Last night, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Keith was trying to figure out what we did on his birthday 2 years ago. He checked our Google Calendar, which had on it that the Black Keys had been playing at the Agora. Now, we did go to a Black Keys concert at the Agora once, with my sister Amy. (Remember those people who were making out next to you? Good times!) But we also have a bad habit of intending to go to concerts, putting them on the calendar, and not quite making it. Especially if the concert is on a weeknight. So did we actually go to this concert or not?

Then Keith came and checked the blog, but I hadn't written about his birthday celebrations. I think I wrote about going out to dinner and the driving range over the weekend, but not what we did on his actual birthdate.

Next I suggested he try looking at our budgeting spreadsheet. If we actually had a charge for tickets in June 2007, then we must have gone to the concert. But he looked at the old spreadsheet ... and it starts from July 2007. So we're still not exactly sure what we did on June 25, 2007. Is it really that important? No. But it is interesting to think of all the different ways we store information about our personal lives. Creepy and interesting.

So Keith, on your exact birthdate today ... we're not doing a whole lot. You're at work and I'm trying to get some cleaning and grocery shopping done. Tonight we're going to watch the Reds game and eat three-ways. But tomorrow you took off work, so we are going to the zoo with Eleanor. And, if it's as hot as it is today, immediately hopping into the baby pool when we get back.

Happy birthday, old man!

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