Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Like Crack for Babies

At 11 months, Eleanor is still not a great eater of solid foods. She has expanded her repetoire a bit, though. From nothing .... to crackers. One morning she still wouldn't eat any solid foods, and that afternoon she was chowing away on Graduates puffs like a champ. I thought it was a good sign ... we'd be onto "real food" in no time!

But apparently there's a texture issue. Some things are okay. She enjoys bananas in a jar AND as finger food. But real peas? sweet potatoes? chicken? They do NOT make the cut.

She does like crackers, though. And bread. Our little carb addict! I gave her goldfish crackers once, to see if she would like them. And now she wants them all the time. If I bring out the box, she starts bouncing up and down in her high chair.

With all of the foods that she's rejected, I am shocked at how eagerly she accepted the goldfish. It was an instantaneous love. When a small tupperware of goldfish crackers are proffered to her while at the store or in a restaurant, she shoves her hand in and leaves it there ... I think she's trying to get as many fish to adhere to her sticky baby fingers as possible. Last night she ate goldfish with her left hand, while still tightly clasping a dozen or so mangled fish in her right fist. Presumably to eat later.

So we're walking a fine line. Do we try to force her to try new things? Or do I just let her eat goldfish at every opportunity? Is this something she grows out of? Advice from experienced parents would be much appreciated!


FitGeGe said...

For what it's worth, here's my two cents:

I am certainly not an experienced parent, but I was a nanny, plus I'm the oldest of four children who are 5, 10, and 13 years younger than I. In my experience, you just keep trying new things, and eventually miss E will move on to something else that she likes as much as those goldfish.

M. Lubbers said...

Gege: That's what some of the other, more experienced parents I know have said. So I just keep trying to give her fresh fruits and vegetables along with the goldfish .... and hope she moves on eventually! But it always good to hear I'm not alone in the battle:)

M. Lubbers said...
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revjeremy said...

mmm, I love goldfish

M. Lubbers said...

That's another part of the problem. Usually one goldfish for Eleanor means 3 for me! And did you know they now have pretzel goldfish? Tasty!