Monday, June 29, 2009

She's a Neat Freak

Apparently, Eleanor has decided that my housekeeping isn't quite up-to-snuff. It's bad enough that Gomez usually appears from nowhere when I'm cleaning to watch. I feel as if she's been treated like royalty in all of her cat lives, perhaps starting as an Egyptian priestess's beloved companion. She doesn't understand what I'm doing when I get out a mop and a broom. She's never actually seen such a thing before‐these types of activities were always done quietly by domestics, when Her Highness was cat napping in the sunshine in another wing of the manor. So she watches me, fascinated, when I get down on my hands and knees to sweep up furry tumbleweeds or scrub spilled baby food off the floor.

Like I said, it's enough to have Gomez for an audience. But NOW I have Eleanor showing me how things are done! I got out the Swiffer the other day, and she decided to take matters into her own chubby little baby hands, and show me how to really get to the stuff in the corners. Obviously, she only worked for as long as it took me to get the hang of things, and then she was off to try and eat Beckett's dog food before Keith or I noticed. She has more important things to do than clean.

If Beckett starts giving me cleaning tips, I'll really have to worry!


Helen said...

How much does she charge per hour?

cat said...

You know, it's kind of funny--I haven't met a little kid yet who hasn't been fascinated by the swiffer. My little cousin got his very own for his birthday one year!

FitGeGe said...

That's too funny! I love how you wrote that.

Andrea said...

Will loves to help me vaccuum, or he'll hold the dust pan for me when I sweep the kitchen floor. His newest fun task is to help me clean the glass table tops around the house. He tells me, "More spray, Momma. More spray!" Then he'll insist that we wipe it up together in big cirlces. Now table tops aren't enough so we clean the sliding glass doors every day, too!

M. Lubbers said...

Mom: She charges 10 goldfish/hour.

Cat: Good to hear that this is a normal development. And that it happens for boys, too! :)

Gege: Thanks! Eleanor always gives me a lot to work with ;)

Andrea: I can guarantee you that I have NEVER vacuumed or dusted or cleaned windows/tables on a daily basis. I thought your house was supposed to be messier with kids around--maybe it will be cleaner than ever?!?