Friday, September 11, 2009

Making the Switch

It's about that time of year. I'm making the switch from iced tea to delicious, warm-your-toes hot tea.

Iced tea is fine, as beverages go. It offers a shot of caffeine with a hint of bitterness. No calories, which is also a good thing.

But hot tea is so much more. Holding a steaming mug on a cold day is divine. I think it has to do with the forced anticipation of refreshment as I'm waiting for the tea to cool enough to drink. I look forward to drinking it long before the first sip actually takes place. Plus, for whatever reason I feel like the flavors are more intense. Even though I use the same tea bags to make iced tea as I do for hot tea, I find the flavor of hot tea much more appealing.

Or maybe it's all in my head. Maybe it has nothing to do with the beverage, but the fact that the switch coincides with my favorite season, Fall. No matter what the reason, I'm looking forward to getting my tea mugs back out and switching the kettle on after my early morning runs!


Anna Jean said...

What kind of tea do you prefer? As in flavor, I mean. I guess it would be getting cooler in Ohio. I'm in South Texas and we enjoy iced tea all the time. It never really gets too cold down where I'm at. We usually like to drink iced tea with alot of honey and cranberry juice mixed in.
I know sounds weird but it tastes great!

M. Lubbers said...

Welcome, Anna Jean! I think your tea with honey and cranberry juice sounds delicious! And it looks like you just started your blog recently--good luck and I hope you enjoy it:)

I'm always experimenting with flavors. Right now I just have a basic Lipton caffeinated tea that I use for the iced tea. I also have what I consider "dessert teas" that are Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle and White with Mango and Peach. I like green tea; my favorite splurge brand of tea is Twinings (particularly English Breakfast), which I drank often when I lived in England. My favorite tea of all time was a jasmine green tea that I used to drink when I lived in England, but I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued because even my UK friends can't find it anymore.

I could go on ..... ;)

Jennifer said...

You know what? I drink hot tea year-round. :) In fact, I had Earl Grey on my way in to work and a cup of blood orange herbal tea a little while ago. I'll probably have a different green tea later this afternoon. I drink water all day and I find I need something with a little flavor so hot tea does the trick. Plus the antioxidants are a bonus! I'll send ya a gift certificate to a place I buy tea in case you want to check them out. Don't feel obliged but I just love their website and their ordering process (and of course their tea!); so user-friendly!

Jonathan said...

I have no idea how people drink ice tea. It makes me wretch... really. I've tried it more than a few times, and each time ended up gagging.