Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Party Hair

Last Saturday was a day of birthday festivities for us. Saturday morning we went to the other side of town for my nephew Gavin's first birthday party. Then, in the afternoon, we headed back home to go to a 2-year birthday party for a girl up the street.

I can't believe that Eleanor and Gavin are both one! They both looked so old at Gavin's birthday party. For a week or so, I've been wondering whether Eleanor's hair was long enough to put it up, and we finally decided to try so she could have fancy "party hair." As you can see in the picture (courtesy of Erin, since we haven't uploaded our camera yet), it was pretty fancy, indeed.

I didn't get to put her hair up until we got to Erin and Josh's, so I came armed with all different types of baby hair accessories, not knowing which would work best. Eleanor screamed bloody murder the entire time I was trying to do it, and throwing her head around—which of course only prolonged her torture. But you try reasoning with her! She didn't listen to me.

My mom, of course, found it hilarious. I'm pretty sure she was having flashbacks to trying to do my hair. She kept giggling, and was disappointed when I finished and Eleanor stopped freaking out before she got a picture of it. Everyone that came later and said, "Oh, her hair is so cute!", Mom made sure to tell them about the drama. I think she's looking forward to watching Eleanor assert her independence over the next few years, and me trying to keep my cool in the face of toddler temper tantrums.

And of course, after all that, I had to take it down halfway through the party (the first party!) because one of the two pigtails had slid partway down her head and her party hair was looking very sad, indeed. I tucked the two mini-hairbands in my pocket. The rest of the baby hair accessory collection that we had just purchased was in the diaper bag, along with the comb.

When we got home, the two renegade hairbands ended up on the kitchen counter, and Gomez tried to steal them and play with them. We have now entered the era of not only trying to keep track of toys underfoot, but also minuscule hair bands and clips. Of course, after that temper tantrum, I won't be doing her hair again until it's a special event. But we do have a wedding to go to this weekend in Kentucky .... so if you live just South of Cincinnati and hear screams reverberating on the hair Saturday morning, no cause for alarm! Just a couple adorable pigtails.


Jonathan said...

I found myself grinning throughout this entire post - it's wonderful to see somebody so obviously proud of their children - it's infectious.

Wonderful post!

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks, Jonathan. I could say the same about many of your posts! We are very proud parents, and we just can't hide it :)