Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year's Resolutions: 2007 Style

2007 Resolutions

1. The Year of Nonfiction Writing
My goal for this year is to focus on my nonfiction writing. I want to write up a synopsis/outline for a book about my volunteer year in England and submit that to agents. Plus, I'll spend more time trying to find smaller freelance jobs.

2. Start a business with Keith
We've talked about it before, but I think we should definitely start a web design/development business. I work on the graphics/layout/organization/writing, and he makes it all work. I don't want to spend a lot of time soliciting clients. I just think we should make a business plan, put together a website, and see what happens.

3. Read 50 books (8 classics, 6 biographies)
Last year I made the 50 total, but definitely missed on the classics. So this year's classics goal is in-between what I read last year (6), and what I planned on reading (12).

4. Run sub-30 min 5k
I'm thinking this might be on the New Year's Resolutions list for the rest of my life. But maybe this year I'll get lucky...

5. Lift 6 times/month, keeping track on Fitday
Hopefully this is feasible, since I should be lifting 8 times a month if I do it two times a week. I really do miss it, so hopefully I can get back into the habit.

6. Visit 12 new places in Cleveland area
I'm looking forward to getting to know the city, since I haven't lived here full-time since I was 18. Most of these places will probably be restaurants, but that's okay with me!

7. Actually stick to a budget for 4 months
I'm great at making budgets, but I know that since we moved into our house in July, we've only managed to stay within budget one month. That's one out of six. So if we can stay in budget 4 months out of 12, it will at least be an improvement!

8. Volunteer/give money to charity
As always, something I say is important .... but never get around to doing. Now that we are homeowners in a community, maybe that will serve as motivation.

9. Visit Sara and Jason in Toledo
I think it's probably been at least two years, if not three, that we've said we'd get together and somehow it doesn't end up happening. Toledo is not that far away! So this year, I'll make it happen.

All I can say is, it's a good thing I didn't make a resolution about blogging regularly, because my track record for 2007 so far leaves a lot to be desired!

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