Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just a Flesh Wound

I've been wounded in the line of duty. I was trying to get a ream of paper off a low shelf in a cabinet, and I scraped the back of my thumb knuckle against the shelf above. I managed to actually scrape off a large chunk of skin.

It bled a lot. And really hurt. And I walked around like a ninny, pressing Kleenex to the gushing wound and whimpering in pain.

I kept thinking of that line from Monty Python, "It's only a flesh wound!"

And all I could think was, "But flesh wounds really hurt!"

I've managed to staunch the blood flow, but I can't be certain yet if the thumb is going to pull through. Let's hope for the best.

1 comment:

cat said...

The scar will give you street cred.