Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Already Faltering

Remember my New Year's Resolutions? The ones it took me forever to post?

Barely two weeks into the New Year, and I'm already faltering.

The problem is the resolution about strength training at least 6 times a month. I thought I was giving myself a lot of leeway. But last week I just didn't feel like it.

I knew I could lift just twice, 3 weeks a month, and be okay. So I figured it was no big deal, I could catch up this week and be back on track. But last night I ended up working late, and just didn't feel like doing anything when I got home, much less something physically demanding.

So here I am, January 17, and already falling behind on my resolutions. Hmmm ... maybe I worded the resolution so that I can do strength training every day in December and average 6 sessions per month throughout the year. See—there's always hope!


Amy said...

Aren't you on the injured list, anyhow? You can't be expected to strength train when you have a skinless thumb knuckle! You couldn't possibly have anticipated that an act of God would prevent you from fulfilling your lofty goal, so . . . There's always next month.

M. Lubbers said...

An excellent point! And I think I *cough cough* am coming down with pneumonia, too.

cat said...

Wimp! I see people at the gym in casts all the time! The only injuries I let hold me back were when I had stitches in a place where I had to be careful about blood flow (hands and feet).