Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sushi Rock

I finally got Keith to try sushi.

On Saturday night we were going to see The Good Shepherd, which was a big deal for us. Seeing a movie at a big movie theatre—that never happens! So we decided to make it a real date and get dinner first.

I had the inspired idea to get sushi. I love sushi. Keith had been saying for awhile that he'd be willing to try it under the right circumstances—in a restaurant that serves other food, so that he didn't have to commit to sushi as his entire source of sustenance. I'd asked around, and people said that Sushi Rock at La Place was the best place to go for sushi.

Of course, the fact that "sushi" was in the restaurant's title should have been a giveaway. But I'd been assured that they served very good "normal" food as well.

Maybe they do, but when we showed up there was an hour-long wait for a table. So we ended up sitting at the sushi bar. No menus, no implements other than chopsticks. This was hardcore.

In my opinion, the sushi was very good. But Keith wasn't a fan and I can't say that I blame him. It was supposed to be low key—no pressure. And that's not what it turned out to be at all.

He said that he's willing to give sushi another try. But this time, I think we'd get some to go, so we could try it in the privacy of our own home—with or without chopsticks. And with a back-up pizza, just in case he decides he still doesn't like it.


Amy said...

I'm with Keith on the sushi avoidance. My sister's into it, and she's given me some baby-step type of stuff (California rolls? Why does that phrase come to mind?) to try to get me on board, but I'm not buying.

On to more important topics: What did you think of the movie? It's on my (giant) list of things to see. Cathy and I saw We Are Marshall last night, and I enjoyed it. I may post additional comments about it on my blog, since I anticipate having free time from 9 to 9:30 or so tonight . . . I'm sure you're dying to read them. (Not!)

M. Lubbers said...

California rolls are great! As are the Philadelphia rolls I had on Saturday. I'm already craving sushi again!

I really liked the movie. It inspired me to get out a biography on a spy from the library the other night. Plus there was a preview of a movie about Robert Hanssen, which looks really good. If you like Matt Damon and/or spy movies, I think you'd like this one.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer Pacific East on Coventry to Sushi Rock. Give it a try. I guarantee your husband will enjoy their tonkatsu.