Monday, November 20, 2006

By a Roaring Fire

This afternoon, I get to leave work early. (A whole half-hour!) Even more exciting, I'm leaving early because the chimneysweep is coming to check out our fireplace.

By this evening, Keith and I could be comfortably snuggled on the loveseat, in front of a roaring fire. Of course, this won't happen for several reasons. Primarily, we haven't actually bought any firewood yet. And just as importantly, we haven't purchased a firescreen to keep the kitten from trying to grab the pretty, dancing flames.

But our lack of preparedness isn't really important. What is important is that we have a fireplace, and will get to use it soonish. We had a fireplace in our first apartment together. When we signed the lease, I thought of the fireplace as a nice extra, but who would really use it? I was surprised by how much we did use it, and how much I missed it in our next apartment. I'm really looking forward to having one again.

Since it's ours, I guess we'll actually have to take into consideration the cleaning costs, and how much creosote builds up on the chimney walls ... but that won't happen until we buy firewood and a firescreen. All in good time.


cat said...

A fireplace is on my must-have list for a condo.

Enjoy the roaring fire!

Also: I'm dying at the image of tire hands (below).

revjeremy said...

I bet Jim would make you a deal on some wood...