Monday, November 13, 2006

Running Is Hazardous

Last week, Beckett and I were running before work. Since time change, it hasn't been as dark. When we start out, it's still pretty dark. But by the time we're finished, it's light out. Before—and again soon, I'm sure—it was dark to start and finish.

So last week we were running, and it was light enough to see where we were going. We were running on a path near a lake, and Beckett must have smelled/seen something good over by the lake, because he kept looking over that way and straining at the leash.

In fact he was so intent on his prey that .... he ran into a tree. Right, straight into it. No attempt to swerve or stop. We were running along, and suddenly I hear his head bonk against a very sizeable tree trunk.

I immediately stopped to see if he was alright. He simply shook it off and wanted to keep going—pretend it never happened. Once I knew he was alright, I laughed to myself for the rest of the run. He actually ran into a tree! I'm sure this isn't what people have in mind when they say that pets are good for your health, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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