Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We Had to Visit at least One Church

So we couldn't travel through the UK without visiting at least one old, impressive church. This is the interior of York Minster Cathedral in—of all places—York.

Our day in York was nice because it was the one place on the trip that I'd not been before and had been wanting to go. True—I'd never been to Doncaster before. But we weren't really there as tourists—we just hung out with Jacqui and Adam.

York in general and the church in particular was old and impressive. You can still walk along part of the wall from the original walled city. The Shambles is a street of crooked houses still standing from medieval times.

The cathedral had amazing detailed carvings throughout, from the lofty ceilings to the feet of the pews. We took a free tour that lasted an hour or so, and although there was so much more to see, my brain had pretty much shut off. I can only take in so much grandeur and delicate details before I'm overwhelmed. So we paid extra to walk up approximately a million steps to the roof of the cathedral, overlooking the city and surrounding countryside. A good contrast to the intricate interior.

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