Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sinister Tourists

In Dublin, it was "The Walk Macabre." In Savannah, GA and York it was simply a "Ghost Walk" and in London, it was called "Sinister London."

Wherever we go, we like to take tours that explore the seamier side of human nature and the occult. Is this weird? There's always plenty of people on the tours, so it can't be all that strange.

I think London's tour is better than most. It just has such an amazingly rich, gruesome history. From public hangings to the plague to modern gangsters, a lot of people have died in London in very unpleasant ways. And we got to hear all about it from a very knowledgeable, London born-and-bred tour guide.

Even better, with it being somewhat the off-season in late October, Keith and I had our own personal tour, since no one else had signed up. It did mean that I was chastised once for my wandering attention, but at least I got to hear what he was saying!

My sister Amy mentioned that there's a tour you can take in Cleveland, visiting places important in the Torso Murders. My immediate reaction is interest and a thrill of excitement. But maybe it would be a bad thing to learn about the sinister side of the place where you live and work?


Amy said...

Have you read They Died Crawling and Other Tales of Cleveland Woe: The Foulest Crimes and Worst Disasters in Cleveland History? There are a ton of sequels, too.

I think they might give tours based on that, but maybe that's what your sister was talking about.

Anyhow, the guy who wrote them used to work the reference desk at the Fairview Park branch. Just thought I'd share. I'm in a sharing mood.

M. Lubbers said...

I've heard of that book, but I've never read it. Very possibly that's the tour she's talking about. I'll see if it's at the library!

Todd said...

you are an aspiring axe murderer. does keith know?