Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Weather

This may sound crazy, but I'm glad it rained while we were in the UK.

There was some sun, and the weather was good for the wedding, but I'm glad that we got to experience some gray, drizzly days. Otherwise it wouldn't be a very British holiday, would it? And I had also packed my umbrella, so I felt smug and justified in using the valuable suitcase space.

Of course, British people are known for their ability to discuss the weather for inordinate lengths of time. Plus, everyone talks about weather in the days leading up to a wedding. So that was probably the prime topic of discussion our entire stay in Scotland. That and people asking us whether we could understand the accent, which is a somewhat ironic question.

1 comment:

Amy said...

200 pounds? No. You look blurry, though. And is that Keith's thumb making a cameo in the upper left corner?

Glad to know that the weather reinforced the stereotype. How were the teeth?

Also: The ability to have lengthy discussions about the weather is not limited to people of British extraction. Otherwise, everyone in this office over the age of 50 would have a funny accent.