Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

You won't believe this, but somehow in the midst of the car stealing/recovering and Thanksgiving .... the anniversary of A Right Gapesnest slipped by. I wrote the first entry on November 21, 2005.

Can you believe this blog's been around for a whole year? Or perhaps—and probably more likely—you can hardly believe it's only been a year. It's become so important to your well-being and feelings of fulfillment that you shudder to think of a world without A Right Gapesnest. It's too terrible to even contemplate.

But never fear! ARG (ha! I like it:) is around to stay ... at least for the foreseeable future. Which is approximately the next week (I don't like to plan too far ahead). Of course, the problem now is that all of the entries I'm coming up with ... I already wrote about last year. (Cheesy Christmas movies, music, commercials, etc. have all been covered.) This has never happened before! I'm so witty and insightful that I have probably already said EVERYTHING there is to say about this time of year.

And yet, for the sake of my readers, I'll do my best to think of something to complain about.


Amy said...

Happy anniversary indeed!

I was scrolling through some entries from a year ago, because I vaguely remembered a small discussion about where you find most of your images. I think it was probably something simple, like the Microsoft Office Web site, but I wanted to confirm.

Sadly, I couldn't find that -- it's probably buried so far in the comments section that even Google can't come up with it -- but I did like rereading the old stuff. On Lifehacker.com, they do a "From the Archives" post once a week or so. Basically, they resurrect whatever was being discussed a year ago on the site. Sometimes it's pretty funny.

Bob said...

I think you should write about complaining about people giving you suggestions on what to write about. :-)