Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Congratulations on your new baby Gomez!

My friends, it is with great relief and pride that I announce: baby Gomez has arrived! After dealing with the Cleveland APL yesterday, I starting googling and calling around to local shelters. I was done with waiting. I wanted a kitten NOW.

My mom had recommended Love-a-Stray and Purrfect Endings that are in Avon Lake and Avon, and had many kittens up for adoption. We were already planning on going to my parents' house for dinner last night, so we pretty much ate and ran to the shelter to pick out a kitten. We'll have to get back out to their house soon to actually spend time with them, instead of using them for food and dog-sitting! (Sorry, Mom and Dad.)

Gomez II is now happily ensconced in the downstairs bathroom. And we're so excited to have her! The people at Purrfect Endings and Love-a-Stray were wonderful to us in our time of need. They were extremely helpful, sending us home with—most importantly—a kitten!, but also plenty of advice, kitten food, litter, toys, and whatever else they thought we might need to get us through the first night. If anyone else in the Cleveland-area is looking to adopt a pet, I would highly recommend them. We've already heard from Mary Lou this morning, checking to see that Gomez got home alright, and reassuring us that she would be available if we had any questions or concerns.

This is exactly the kind of treatment we did not get at the Cleveland APL. They made it seem like they were doing us a favor and we should be grateful, instead of treating us like caring adopters. We're very happy we found Love-a-Stray and Purrfect Endings, and are excited to have Gomez (II) home at last!


cat said...

Congratulations on your new baby Gomez!

Is she a toe licker too? ;)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing, knowing what I know of Lil’ Gomez, that at the bobbleheads are still standing above her on the shelf! They won’t be for long, I am sure.

Congratulations Megan and Keith on your newest addition to your family! I am sure that by now she is ruling her household purrfectly and your routines and lives have changed immensely. May the joy Gomez brings you brighten each and every day.

I had no doubt that Lil’ Gomez would find a purrfect home where she can blossom from a loving, adorable, spunky, no fear kind of kitten to a loving, adorable, spunky, no fear kind of cat bringing smiles to all who cross her path – well except for Beckett. The sooner Beckett realizes he is just a pillow and a cleaning machine for Gomez the better because when Gomez has something in mind, there is no stopping her.

Thank you for choosing Gomez to love and care for and giving her a wonderful forever home that she deserves. I have no doubt that she will be cherished. Keep in touch and hugs and kisses to Gomez.

Mary Lou
Love A Stray

M. Lubbers said...

Actually, she's a toe biter! And finger biter, nose biter, etc...

Thanks for the kind words, Mary Lou! (And she was only near the bobbleheads long enough for the picture, which explains why they're still standing;)

Last night Keith played with Gomez for about an hour and it was great to watch! Beckett and Gomez are slowly getting adapted; once they've figured out the pecking order (Keith and I are trying to stay out of it), I think we'll all get along great.