Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scrapbooking Basics

You'd think that, after having written an article about Scrapbooking, I'd be pretty good at it. Almost what one would call "an expert."

I'm not.

Even though I understand the basic techniques and tools, that doesn't mean I can put them together into a pleasing layout. And quickly—doing it quickly would help, too.

I'm going to a scrapbooking class tonight with my mom and sister. We're going to learn the Scrapbooking Basics. Hopefully it's mostly a refresher course, but I'm looking forward to actually, well, doing it instead of writing about how to do it.

We're supposed to bring 10 photos on a theme that we'll layout during the class. In looking through my photos, I realized I have pictures sitting around from 2002. 4 years ago! And with another England trip looming ahead of me in October, I'd better get my act together.

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Amy said...

I have so much to say on this topic, you have no idea. I'll have to quiz you on the class and the results later, and for homework I have to go rummage through my supplies and come up with some good sources for standard layouts. (I swear I have some, but I can't remember them off hand.)